Monday, August 31, 2009

PlusInv: Scam Alert

Two days ago I warned everyone to not make new deposits in PlusInv. Read my previous post Short Term HYIP Round-Up for August. Now following its 'sister' (BestInv) steps the HYIP is starting to make selective payments.

PAC for All has emerged as a new giant amongst short term HYIPs. It has more than 2000 members already. If PAC for All continues to grow with such rate, only a matter of time before it eats up other short term HYIPs alive.


Satrio Piningit said...

Yes, http://plus-inv is scam, after 2 days I have pending email, I try to send complain to support, admin answer via email : "
In order to receive payments from us,you should login to your libertyreserve
account and do the following steps.Then reply this mail when you finished
these steps
1. Login to your LR account, go to Merchant Tools.
2. Click on Create new API
3. Enter the following entries
3.1. API Name: plus-inv
3.2. Sec. Word: plus-inv1
6. Tick BALANCE"

Admin lie me, and he want steal my money again via LR,
Don't invest to plus-inv I lost 75$ in programs

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Anonymous said...

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